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 Piano Students make faster progress then Violin or Guitar students. While the Piano is large and complex, notes are made by simply pressing the correct key. Students very quickly learn to play simple melody's with their right hand. 

Sight Reading and Piano playing are learned together from the start. If you are interested in learning to read Stave Music, Piano is a great choice.

Piano has some well known method books for students to work through with their instructor. Most students will choose a method book that suits their interests, your instructor will supplement the method book with Fine Tune Academy Worksheets and Sheet Music for specific songs.

Many people choose from either the Faber "Piano Adventures" Series or an Alfred's "All in one Course". There are many choices, your Fine Tune Instructor can guide you based on your musical taste.

The Fine Tune Academy "Worksheets" use a combination of

Pictures & color coding to help students understand the material easily. 

Early Piano lessons are spent learning fun, simple songs designed to build strength and introduce Musical Concepts.

While all students will learn the essentials of technique and theory they are free to choose a musical direction that suits their taste. All students are encouraged to develop their own style and repertoire. 

We offer many opportunities for our students to meet and play together including Shows, Workshops and Field Trips


Practice is an essential part of learning an instrument. All new students receive the Fine Tune "How to Practice" eBook.

A Fine Tune Academy Worksheet 

Alfred's All-in-One


Faber Piano Adventures

“…Piano is a universal instrument. If you start there, learn your theory and how to read, you can go to any other instrument…”

Eddie Van Halen