The word “Piano” means "Soft" in Italian. The original name for the instrument was ‘Piano et Forte” translation “Soft and Loud”. The name was a reference to the Pianos touch sensitive keys.

The Piano is often referred to as a Percussion instrument because the strings are struck with hammers. It is really a hybrid Stringed/Percussion instrument. Musicologists refer to Piano as a “Keyed Zither”

A standard Piano has 88 keys

Piano Keys were made from Elephant Tusks up until the 1950’s. Today, instead of “Tickling the Ivory’s” we mostly tickle plastic.

The Average Piano has 230 strings

The Average Piano has over 7500 parts

The Worlds largest Piano was build by a team working for Polish businessman Daniel Czapiewski. 
The giant Piano called "Stolëmowi Klawér", weighs nearly 2 tons. It is 8 feet wide, 20 feet long and 6 feet tall! 
Most Pianos have 88 keys, Stolëmowi Klawér has 156 keys

Piano Fun Facts