The Guitar is a Stringed Instrument like Violin and Piano. 

There are two main types of Guitar, Electric or Acoustic.

Most Guitars have 6 Strings and around 21 Metal Frets on the fingerboard.

It is very common to play a Guitar with a Pick or Plectrum.

Guitars can play both Melody and Harmony at the same time.

Guitars a very mobile, many people Standup, Sing and even Dance while playing.

Eager young Musicians can get started on a Strum Stick or Ukulele by Age 3. 

Young hands need a smaller Guitar.

By age 6 most students have big enough hands to play a Baby Taylor or a Mini Strat.

By age 12 most students can play an adult size guitar.


"....sometimes you wanna give up the Guitar,  you'll hate the Guitar. 

But if you stick with it, your gonna be rewarded..."

Jimi Hendrix

Martin D-41