Mahogany Baby Taylor


3/4 Size

If you are under 54 inches tall,

a 3/4 size Guitar will be

more comfortable.

"Distinctive Dealer Custom Auditorium"
Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides 
Solid Bear Claw Spruce Top
Ebony Fretboard & Bridge 
Full Binding 
Hand Made in the USA 

Taylor 214 CE

Luna AR2



Fender CF-60 Steel String "Folk" Guitar

Seagull Entourage Solid Top $499

Features to look for

Many Guitars in the $400+ range offer useful features that are worth having.

Cutaway -               A piece of the body next to the neck is removed. 
                                It looks cool and allows for easier access to the upper frets.

Acoustic-Electric - Acoustic Guitars that have a Pickup or Microphone built in. 
                                 Very handy for Performing or Recording.

Built in Tuner -      Many Acoustic Guitars come with this great feature.

RainSong Black Ice

Carbon Fiber Guitar

1/2 Size

If you are under 45 inches Tall, a 1//2 Size guitar will be more comfortable

The Guitars pictured have Nylon Strings that are a little more gentle on small new hands.

As Guitars get smaller it can be tough to find a quality instrument. Below $100 Guitars become less and less instrument quality and more like toys.

Cordoba C-1


Takamine "G Series"

Click here for more Information on Guitar Accessories

Martin OMCPA4

Guitar Accessories
You should expect to purchase some additional items:

Cordoba C3M Nylon String "Classical" Guitar

Luna Safari


All Fine Tune Academy Students receive FREE purchase assistance at the store of their choice. One of our Master instructors will demonstrate the different kinds of Guitars and make sure you get the right instrument for your musical taste & budget.


Decent new Acoustic Guitars start at $150 

As you pay more money you get better quality materials and improved features.


There are many used Guitars available online and in Stores. Assuming the Guitar is in good condition expect to pay 40%-70% of the new price. Many used Guitars have seen little use and just require a a basic setup, new strings and a good cleaning. Used Guitars can be prone to Wood Warping, Rust & Electrical Gremlins. Your Fine Tune Instructor can advise you on what to look out for.


Acoustic Guitars have a body with space inside that Amplifies the sound of the Strings.

New students often purchase an Acoustic Guitar first. Acoustic Guitars are very mobile, simple to use and sound great across many genres.

Nylon String Acoustic
Nylon strings are less painful for new students fingers. 
Nylon Strings Guitars are most suited to Classical, Flamenco music. 

Steel String Acoustic
If the student is inspired by music that is played on a 
Steel String Guitar, buy a Steel String Guitar. 
The majority of popular music from the last 100 
years was played on a Steel String Guitar.

Solid Wood Top
The next level of acoustic guitars
have a “Solid Wood Top”.  The "Top" is the front part of the guitar with the sound hole. Having a Top that is made out of one piece of wood sounds better but costs more. Cheaper guitars have a plywood top, better Guitars often have a solid Spruce Top. Guitars with Solid Tops start at around $400. Most people buy one of these lower midrange Guitars as their first Guitar.

Once you get to around $1000 you find Guitars with quality wood and iconic brands like, Martin, Gibson and Taylor.

In general, $4000 Acoustic Guitars are not better sounding then $1600 Acoustic Guitars. The price comes from using expensive, exotic woods and hand construction techniques to please the ear and taste of discerning Musicians and Collectors.