Guitar requires finger strength and dexterity.

On day oneeveryones fingers are like wet noodles, the strings feel uncomfortable on soft fingertips and fingers won't do what they are told. 

The Fine Tune Academy "First Lessons" course uses a combination of Pictures, Videos, mp3's, software &  color coded worksheets to get the student over that initial hump. 

Early lessons are spent learning fun, simple songs designed to build strength quickly and introduce Musical Concepts and Terminology.

All students are different. We have a beginner song list of over 1500 songs from many popular genres.

Many of these songs have been re-written using the Fine Tune Academy Layout and Color Coding system to speed student progress.

We use these early songs to find the Artists, Techniques and Equipment most suited to the students taste and goals.

All students learn the essential skills of Guitar Technique, Music Theory, Songwriting and Sight Reading hand in hand with learning or often writing their
favorite songs.

All students are encouraged to develop their own style and repertoire. 

We offer many opportunities besides Guitar Lessons for our students to meet and play together including Shows, Workshops and Field Trips.

"How to Tune With a Piano" and "Finger Names" are worksheets from The Fine Tune Academy's "First Lessons" course.


“..The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you...”

B.B. King