Without an Amplifier or “Amp” Electric Guitars are very quiet. Amplifiers take the very small signal generated by the Guitars Pickups and boost it using electricity so it can move headphones or a big speaker.

Starting at $10
practice you can connect your Guitar too your iPhone using an adapter like an “iRig” 

Starting at $100
To rock your bedroom a practice

with 5-20 watts of power is perfect. 

Starting at $200
To play with a Drummer you will need an Amp with 30 watts+ and preferably a 12” speaker, 

Starting at $400
To play shows with a full band you need an amp 
with 30-60 watts+ and preferably two 12’ speakers.

Starting at $500
then carrying a van load of equipment many Guitar players are

using Rack or Foot pedal mounted multi-effect pedals with preamps

and speaker emulators that can be plugged straight into the

Venues P.A. System or Studio Mixing Desk.

Starting at $1000
The ultimate Guitar Amp for most people is some kind of "Stack".

A Stack is the “Head” containing all the electronics and two Speaker cabinets

or "Cabs" containing four 12” speakers each. These components are “stacked”

on top of each other. Most Stacks are 50-120 watts. 

Common Terms

Miking Up (Mic'ing)

It is possible to play a stadium with any size Amplifier by using a Microphone placed 
in front of the speaker connected to the Stadium P.A system, this is common in many venues.

Combo Amp

When the Electronics and Speakers are combined in the same box.

Valve/Tube Amps

Starting in the 1930’s Amplifiers used Vacuum Tubes. With the development of the Transistor in the 1960’s, Tube amplifiers began to be replaced by “Solid State” transistor Amplifiers. While Solid State amps are cheaper and generally more reliable then Tube Amps, many Guitar players prefer the more natural tone of a Tube Amp.

Built in Effects

Many modern Amplifiers have effect pedal style effects built into their electronics. This can save money on buying additional effect pedals. 


A "Public Address System" is a combination of Mixing Desk, Amplifier and Big Speakers used to fill a large venue with sound. It is common to connect all vocal microphones to the PA.

Professional venues will also mic up the instruments and "Mix" them in a pleasing manner before sending them to the Main Speakers (Mains)

While a big Guitar Amplifier might be 200 Watts, a P.A. System can easily have more then 10,000 Watts of power.


The famous “Marshall Stack”

iRig $10

Peavey Vypyr "VIP 1"  20 Watt Combo $130

Fender Champion 40 Watt 1x12 Combo 

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PRS "SE 20" 30 Watt 2x12 Half Stack $1400

A "Miked Up" Small Fender Combo Amp

Orange "Rockerverb" 50 Watt 2x12 Combo 

"...I plug an SG into a Marshall. I'm the effect...."
Angus Young 

Line C POD "HD500X"


Digidesign "Eleven" Guitar FX Processor

VOX "AC30VR" 30 Watt 2x12