"....sometimes you wanna give up the Guitar,  you'll hate the Guitar. 

‚ÄčBut if you stick with it, your gonna be rewarded..."

Jimi Hendrix

The Guitar is a Stringed Instrument like Violin and Piano. 

There are two main types of Guitar, Electric or Acoustic.

Most Guitars have 6 Strings and around 21 Metal Frets on the fingerboard.

It is very common to play
a Guitar with a Pick or Plectrum.

Guitars can play both Melody and Harmony at the same time.

Guitars a very mobile, many people Standup, Sing and even Dance while playing.

Eager young Musicians can get started on a Strum Stick or Ukulele by Age 3. 

Young hands need a smaller Guitar.

By age 6 most students have big enough hands to play a Baby Taylor or a Mini Strat.

By age 12 most students can play an adult size guitar.

Martin D-41