When the Sound from the Amplifier causes the Guitar and the strings to 
vibrate by themselves. Feedback can be a low groan or a shrieking sound 
that will gradually get louder as it “Feeds Back” on itself. 
Acoustic/Electric Guitars are more prone to Feedback because the air 
inside the Guitar will begin to vibrate at relatively low volumes. 
Most Electric Guitars have a Sold Body to reduce unwanted Feedback.

Feedback can be awesome, you can learn to control it.

Listen to the third verse of “Smells Like teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

Jimi Hendrix is famous for his musical use of Feedback.

LTD Les Paul Copy

Fender Style Tremolo Bridge


Shorter Neck

Smaller Frets

Humbucking Pickups

Fixed Bridge

Single Cutaway Body

Floyd Rose Style Locking Bridge


You CAN start with an Electric Guitar first, they are often easier to play then Acoustic Guitars. The downside to an Electric Guitar is the extra expense of an Amplifier and the relative complexity of cables, volume knobs and switches. If the student is in love with Electric Guitar and they are keen to learn what all the knobs and switches do, Electric Guitar first is fine. Almost all Electric Guitars use Steel Strings.

Most Electric Guitars can be split into two families. "Fender Stratocaster" style or "Gibson Les Paul" style.

Scale Length, Pickups and Bridge style define these families.

Scale Length

Fender Stratocaster's or “Strat’s” have a slightly longer neck or “Scale Length” then a Gibson Les Paul. 
The difference is subtle, just 3/4 of an inch total.

Players with smaller fingers often feel more comfortable on a Guitar with a shorter scale length like the Gibson "Les Paul".
Shorter scale lengths like the "Les Paul" have a lower string tension making it a little easier to bend the strings.

Longer Scale Lengths like the "Strat" have a brighter tone.

Players with bigger hands often prefer a longer scale length

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars have a scale length
in-between Fender and Gibson.

Pickup Style

Electric Guitars use Magnetic Pickups too Amplify the sound through a cable connected to an Amplifier.

Electric Guitars offer two main types of Pickups.


These "Fender Stratocaster" style pickups are great for shimmering clean

Guitar sounds. Popular with Pop, Funk, Country and Blues Players.


These Gibson Les Paul style Pickups are made by attaching

two single coil pickups side by side.  By wiring the Pickups in opposite

directions you can stop or “Buck” the Humming sound. This wiring also

resulted in a thicker, more powerful output signal that is popular with

Rock, Blues and Jazz players.


The “Bridge” is a piece of metal with holes or slots to hold the strings onto the Guitar body.

Fender "Strat's" have a "Floating Tremolo" Bridge

A “Tremolo Bridge” can move backward and forward, 

allowing the strings to go up or down in pitch by

manipulating the “Tremolo Arm” or “Whammy bar”.

Gibson Les Paul’s have a "Fixed Bridge" or "Hard Tail".
A "Fixed Bridge" is screwed into the body and does not move. 

“Floyd Rose” style locking bridges are fantastic for keeping a Guitar in

tune when going crazy on the Whammy bar.

If the style of music you are interested in uses these techniques, you need one.

For everyone else, avoid locking bridges, they add expense and

complexity that you don’t need.

Gibson Style Fixed Bridge


Basic Electric Guitars start at $150. Many of these cheap Guitars look just like Guitars costing $1500+. This can be confusing.

"...Whats the difference between an Epiphone Les Paul priced at $299 and a Gibson Les Paul priced at $2999 when they

look almost the same?..."

The fact is EVERYTHING is different, all the Metal, Wood, Plastic and Electronic parts are cheaper on an Epiphone

          Plywood instead of solid Mahogany.

          Pressed metal parts instead of Die-cast. 

          Cheap Asian pickups

          Cheaper quality paints and varnishes.

Gibson Guitars are hand finished in the USA by master craftsmen. Epiphone Guitars are made in Korea, China, or Indonesia

on semi automated mass production lines. This results in only perfect Gibsons get sent to the store while budget Guitars are well

known for minor flaws in construction and finish.

Manufacturers offer many variations on Scale length, Pickup, Body Shape and Bridge configuration.

Custom Guitars can get pretty wild!

Custom Double Neck Guitar

Guitars do not need exotic woods to sound good. Many famous Guitarist's use Guitar's made from very common wood's like Alder or Ash. 

Eric Clapton's Famous "Blackie" Strat, made from Alder, sold for $1 Million Dollars at auction.

Dean  "SKY6" $16,000

Epiphone Les Paul $300

Suhr "Modern" $4000

Single Coil Pickup

Music Man "Sillouette"

Good quality electric Guitars start around $500

Pro level Guitars and American built Guitar's start at around $1000

Over $2000 Guitars do not necessarily sound better, they often use exotic woods, parts or construction techniques that result in a higher price.

Handy tip - If your amplifier is making a buzzing sound, try turning off some room lights. Sometimes electrical power in a room will get amplified through your Guitar/Amp. 

Longer Neck
Wider Frets
Single Coil Pickups
Tremolo Bridge
Double Cutaway Body

PRS offer a fantastic range of budget minded "SE" models

Ibanez "Prestige"


The Back of "Blackie"

"....sometimes you wanna give up the Guitar,  you'll hate the Guitar. 

But if you stick with it, your gonna be rewarded..."

Jimi Hendrix

Gibson Les Paul $3000

With distorted (Rock) Guitar sounds, Single Coil pickups can be prone to an annoying Buzzing or “Humming” sound.

PRS Classic

All major brands offer their Flagship models in budget versions by using cheaper materials and foreign Labor.